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Our commitments

Our know-how

Our company attaches great importance to the quality of its products, which is why we use a traditional or premium manufacturing process, mastered thanks to the know-how of our operators.
We are also very demanding when it comes to the selection and continuous improvement of our lactic ferments, in order to guarantee a unique and delicious taste for each of our products. Finally, we take the time necessary to make our butters, allowing them to mature for at least 14 hours, to ensure that their texture is perfectly creamy and their taste irresistible. These requirements are testimony to our commitment to quality and to the satisfaction of our customers, who know they can count on us to provide them with exceptional products.

Our products

We are proud to offer you products that are 100% made in Brittany, our home region, where we have access to top-quality raw materials. We are committed to preserving the authentic taste of our products by using only natural ingredients, with no added additives or preservatives. This ensures that our products are healthy and of high quality, while preserving their original taste and texture. Our commitment to quality means that you’ll find natural, tasty products that offer you an incomparable taste experience!

Our quality approach

We take the quality and safety of our products very seriously, which is why we have implemented comprehensive quality control and seamless traceability from our raw materials right through to the finished product.
We are proud to have achieved IFS, BRC and FSSC 22000 certification, which attest to our commitment to quality and food safety.
With these certifications, our customers can be confident that our products meet the highest quality standards and have been produced under optimum food safety conditions. We are constantly working to improve our quality and food safety management system, in order to meet our customers needs and offer them top-quality products.
You can be confident in the quality and safety of our products.

Our raw materials

We attach great importance to the quality of our raw materials, which is why we have selected dairy producers who meet our strict specifications. We work with trusted milk producers who meet the highest quality standards and are committed to sustainable milk production. We have also put in place a sophisticated traceability system to ensure the quality of our products, tracking producers from our raw materials right through to our finished products. We are extremely rigorous in the selection of our ferments. We work with quality suppliers to ensure that our products offer a unique flavor and authentic taste.
For us, the quality of our raw materials is the key to the quality of our finished products.

Our CSR approach

We are deeply committed to CSR, conscious of our impact on society and the environment. We are proud to have been awarded the PME+ label for our commitment to CSR, which recognizes our responsible approach in all our activities. We also regularly receive awards for our commitment to sustainable development, including Ecovadis medals. We take a responsible approach to all aspects of our business, ensuring that we minimize our environmental impact and working with local partners to promote the economic and social development of our region. We are also committed to awareness-raising initiatives to encourage our customers to adopt responsible behavior.
CSR is a priority for us and we are proud of our commitment to a more sustainable and responsible world.