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Pack sizes : 1kg and 16kg


Fresh Cheese (milk, lactics starters), cream,
water, milk proteines, salt, thickeners ; xan-than gum E415, locust bean gum E410

Processed Cream Cheese

Practical packaging 

Noble raw materials 

Excellent conservation 

Texture that can be worked both hot and cold

A cream cheese that forms the basis of many preparations, the best known of which is cheese cake.



Main fields of application : Pastry, Cooked dishes

Best know to use: CHEESE CAKE

Our cream cheese is THE base for your Cheese Cake. In the both hot and cold recipes, it will bring hold, smoothness and greedines to this delicious cake !

Cold uses


An ideal and pratical product to work with that will bring texture and delicacy to your desserts.

Snacking :

Product with excellent spreadability, easy to spread and good coverage. Does not dry in the air!

Cold mixes with another ingredients: :

Product that incorporates very well wich allows to obtain homogeneous mixtures quickly. Very good stability to acidity.

Hot uses

Sauces :

As a liaison or base, a product that melts quickly, remains stable, homogeneous and well coated. It will bring smoothness and greediness to your sauces!

Pies :

As a blinder or a maker, it will allow a good holding of the device while bringing a beautiful colouring and a typical taste.

As an addition to a
soup : excellente incorporation, providing a creamy texture and a rounder taste

The practical, economical and qualitative ingredient!

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