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Conditionnements : Container 1000kg, Container 250kg, Seaux 10kg et 5kg


Crème fraîche, lactic starters
Origin : France

Thick Cream

French cream
100% natural, with no additives or preservatives
Various fat contents available

100% natural creams with a wide range of uses, both cold and hot.
Also available in organic version



Cold uses

Pastries: An ideal and practical product to work with, which will add creaminess and deliciousness to your desserts.

Cold mixes : With other ingredients, this product blends very well, making it possible to obtain homogeneous mixtures quickly.

Pizzas: As a base or as a topping, it remains stable during cooking and adds a touch of deliciousness and freshness to your pizzas.

Crème fraiche Le Gall

Hot uses

Sauces: as a binder or base, a product that
stable, homogenous and well coated. It
a creamy, tangy flavour to your sauces!

Tarts: As a binder, it ensures that the pastry
binder, it ensures that the pastry holds together
colour and typical taste.

Add to soup: Excellent incorporation, adding a note of freshness and a distinctive, authentic and refined flavour.