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Pack sizes : 500g, 10kg and 25kg


Cream from pasteurized milk, lactic starters (milk

Unsalted Matured Cream Butter

Cream matured for at least 14 hours 

Selected natural lactic starters

Butters made exclusively in Brittany and prepared from slowly matured cream, which gives them their unique aromatic notes.



Main fields of application : Pastry, Sauces

Sweet uses


an ideal product because it is easy to incorporate. A soft butter at room temperature which avoids working the dough too much. More aromatic, more “pastry-like” cakes.

Cookies :

a butter that brings a unique taste even after cooking and a beautiful coloring. The dough is soft and easy to work with. Soft cookies inside and crispy outside.

Short crust pastry :

Easy to incorporate butter, soft dough. After cooking, the dough holds up well when cut, and is pleasant in the mouth, with a buttery taste.

Savory uses

Sauces :
smooth and creamy butter sauces
Hazelnut butter :
a unique buttery taste with notes of hazelnut and a beautiful coloring
Easy and safe to use :
very good incorporation, few projections during the cooking of the butter.